Egobox /wooden object/

My design of wooden object – EGOBOX. The 2017 competition was announced by Egobox and Slovak Design Centre.
In a spirit of the motto „It is not important to win but to take part.“

My realization was influenced by the idea that our ego expresses our uniqueness, individual way of dealing with the world. Sometimes it
serves well to us and to our environment, then we can show it off, sometimes we have to minimize its impact. A wooden object, which can be
perceived as a mountain, represents a safe space to put the ego symbolized by the white object aside. White colour used to materialize
the ego points to aspects of personality that are alien to us and affect us at unconscious level. It is them we do not want to follow
when making important decisions, but at the same time we can feel concerned about their suppression. Then it suits us well to find
a safe and accessible place where the ego as the organizational principle of the personality can be temporarily saved. Secure space and
ego can acquire a different visual form according to the relationship the ego bearer him/her-self creates.Ego part works on click system
and stick inside on magnet „drenched/hidden“ inside of ego part.

160 mm X 80 mm X 80 mm, beech, oil, aerosol, 2018´