David Reitšpís

Well, it all began, like we used to say, ‘in wild nineties’. The blue boredom of the period after the Velvet revolution in a post socialistic country has set up the perfect play(back)ground.
Back then he quickly became one of the most active graffiti writers in Slovakia and Czech Republic. He was recognized for an abstract style and a cadence in his work.
Developing an own unique style he inscribed himself firmly on the map of a local graffiti scene. After painting across the Europe, he reached his limits and naturally started re-evaluate his works.
While searching a new ways of a self-realization, trying a different techniques expressing his ideas, he went through the graphics on canvas to the art projects in a public space.
He eventually discovered a platform of graphics and design through the medium of cnc technology. The new possibilities have started to expand.
The art pieces are clearly influenced by a graffiti background of the author. Coherent and a simple-unique style is significant.
He uses digital technology to grasp the raw reality. A continual development of the craftsmanship eases author to stay contemporary.
A playful combination of the graphics, the graffiti and the woodworking brings a new conceptual ideas to his works and facilitate new forms of expression.